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Effective 7/26/2023

Last NameFirst Name: Middle Initial:  


Address:    City:   State/Province:   Zip:           


Beal Student ID #­­­­:  Date of Birth: State/Country of Residence:   


Home Ph: Cell Ph:  Email address:                       


Program Name:   Program Shift:  


Start date:    Estimated Completion Date:    Class Times:


I certify that I 



Initial each item:

I am applying for admissions to the above-named program. If accepted I understand that I will be bound by this Agreement and that this is the complete and full agreement and that no oral promises or inducements have been made to me.

I agree to follow University rules, including consistent attendance, student code of conduct, preparation for classes, and any make-up classes offered. If I fail to follow University rules or fail to make satisfactory progress, I understand I could be dismissed from the University.

After completion of the program, I will be eligible for the University’s job placement assistance. By initialing here, I give my consent to release information from my educational records to anyone or agency considering me for externship or employment. I understand that the University does not guarantee placement in a job nor how much salary I will earn.

I am aware that if I attempt to transfer educational credit from this institution to another, the receiving institution determines how much credit, if any, and what kinds of credit it will accept. The University makes no representation whatsoever regarding transferring credits to any other college or university. I further understand certifications and licenses may require additional study and cost.

I understand if my program requires an externship for completion of academic requirements, I will adjust my schedule in order to fulfill this requirement within the designated timeframe. I further understand that while most externship opportunities are only available during regular daytime business hours, Monday through Friday, this schedule is dependent upon program. Some programs have evening, night, and/or weekend schedules.

I have toured the University and determined for myself that the class sizes, facilities, and the computers/equipment are satisfactory.  If I am enrolling in an online program, I understand I must attend an online orientation prior to the commencement of classes.

I have received a copy of the program outline (catalog), the University’s rules (catalog), this agreement, and information to access an electronic copy of the University catalog.  I have read these documents and agree to be bound by them.

I agree that the University or its representatives can contact me on my cell phone.

I am aware the University reserves the right to change courses, programs, tuition costs, or class times.

I agree to provide absolute rights and permissions to the University to use photographic portraits, pictures or videos of me in character form, for advertising or any other lawful purpose whatsoever. I agree to allow the University to publish any written or verbal testimonial that I provide. I may opt out of this clause without affecting my enrollment by drawing an “X” through this box.

I am aware and have been provided the link to the Jeanne Clery Act / Crime and Drug Awareness information at

I am aware and have been advised that some or all of my classes may be offered in an online modality.  I have reviewed the technology requirements in the catalog and have access to the appropriate technology to complete my coursework. I understand what percentage of the course is available on-line and what percentage is available on campus.


I am responsible to complete the coursework within the prescribed timeframes.

I acknowledge the University can text me information using the telephone number(s) entered above.  I understand communications may also be initiated using an automatic telephone dialing system and by initialing I am providing consent to contact me via text message and/or through an automated dialer.  By not initialing, I am not providing consent to the University to send me text messages and/or call me through an automated dialer regarding goods and services offered by the University.

I understand that certain documents from the University require an electronic signature. By initialing this box I acknowledge that my electronic signiature carries the full force and weight of a wet signature.

I acknowledge, in the event of an accident on campus property, I will notify campus personnel immediately.  I understand it is my decision to seek medical attention, unless otherwise incapacitated, and accept financial responsibility for the medical treatment.

I understand I must provide my high school diploma, GED/HiSET, home study certificate, or official transcript from accredited post-secondary institution prior to being accepted into the school.  This includes all other admissions requirements / documents.

I understand that complaints of discrimination, which cannot be resolved by direct negotiation with the University in accordance to its written grievance policy, may be filed with the Office for Civil Rights, Boston Office, U.S. Department of Education, 8th floor, 5 Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109-3921. All student complaints must be submitted in writing.


Tuition and Fees

The tuition charge covers costs for instruction and supervised laboratory periods; however, it does not cover the costs of books and supplies. All tuition is paid Canadian cash par.  Any future change in tuition or fee rates will be posted in various locations within the University at least one month prior to implementation and will apply to future mods. Semester payments in all courses are due on or before the start of each semester, unless other financing arrangements have been made.  Students are charged tuition only for the full and partial semesters that they attend.  Prepaid tuition for a semester beyond that in which a student withdraws is fully refundable. 
Program Names listed in the below charts with "-DE" are Distance Education programs. Programs with delivery method of hybrid, are programs that contain residential (on campus) courses and online courses.






Delivery Method




(in months)

Application Fee

Exam Fee

Book Costs (Estimated)

















Delivery Method




(in months)

Application Fee

Exam Fee

Book Costs (Estimated)



Nursing - DE**









* Program specific required testing such as Entrance Exam and Certification Test.
** Denotes a degree completion program.  See admissions requirements for more details.


Tuition and all other fees are billed prior to the start of each semester. All charges are due upon receipt of the bill. If full payment is not received at this time and the student has not submitted all necessary documentation or completed the application process for Federal aid prior to the start of the semester, the student must make payment arrangements before the student may attend classes.

A variety of methods for meeting University expenses are available. To help select which methods best suit individual needs, students are encouraged to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). After the University has received the FAFSA, the complete financial aid package (what aid is available and what is still needed) can be discussed. The amount not covered by federal grants and loans can be covered by, but not limited to, the following: cash or credit card payments directly to the University, assistance from outside agencies, or assistance from private lenders. A student who does not need federal financial assistance will not be required to complete a FAFSA. Failure to submit required paperwork within the requisite time period for outside assistance may result in a request for full payment of tuition and fees.

If a student’s Federal aid application is denied, the student is responsible for all charges incurred and must make alternative payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Office.

Failure to comply with a payment schedule will be cause for suspension of training, it is further understood that tuition payment liability rests with the STUDENT regardless of source of funds or financial aid which may be available. In the event the student’s account becomes delinquent, the STUDENT will be responsible for all costs of collection. These include fees, attorney fees, court costs, judgment interest and any other reasonable cost.

The student also understands that if the student does not start on the scheduled starting date or withdraws prior to completion, the student may be required to sign a new contract at prevailing rates at the time training resumes.


If a student is eligible for a loan(s) guaranteed by the federal or state/provincial government and the student defaults on the loan(s) both of the following may occur:

  1. The federal or state/provincial government or a loan guarantee agency may take action against the student, including applying any income tax refund to which the person is entitled to reduce the balance owed on the loan.
  2. The student may not be eligible for any other federal student financial aid at another institution or other government assistance until the loan is repaid.

All students using federal loans to fund any part of their educational costs are required to complete exit counseling.


Students who opt to pay cash for any portion of their tuition, fees and books must make satisfactory payment arrangements.  Various payment options are available for those who prefer to pay in installments.  The University offers cash payment plans without additional upfront fees. Students may be subject to dismissal for non-payment.


The estimated cost of textbooks is listed in the above chart.  Textbooks for the upcoming MOD can be found on the Beal University website.  Textbooks are available at the Beal University bookstore for purchase the last two day of the MOD before class starts and the first two weeks of the MOD.  Nursing classes (NU prefixed classes) have access codes that will automatically be billed to the students account at the beginning of each course. Please see catalog for more details.


An applicant who has not visited the school prior to enrollment may cancel without penalty by requesting cancellation within three business days following either the regularly scheduled orientation procedures or following a tour of the school facilities and inspection of equipment where training and services are provided. An applicant requesting cancellation within three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment is entitled to a refund of all monies paid by the applicant.  An applicant requesting cancellation more than three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to entering the University, is entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus a registration fee of 15% of the contract price of the program, but in no event may the school retain more than $150.00.


A student who stops attending a class but remains enrolled in other classes during the enrollment period may receive a refund of tuition.

Any student wishing to add or drop a course after registration must contact Student Services before any adjustment of tuition or academic record can be made. Courses cannot be added after the first five days from the start of the MOD.


Students have the right to withdraw from a program of instruction at any time. If a student attends the University and officially withdraws or is involuntarily withdrawn or dismissed, the student is obligated to pay for the institutional charges (tuition and fees) and possible equipment costs.

The amount of tuition and fees owed to the University is prorated based on the date the student withdraws.

  • If a student withdraws before the start of the first MOD in the semester, the full tuition will be refunded.
  • If a student withdraws after the start of classes but before the end of the first census period, 90% of tuition associated with the classes in the current MOD and all of the tuition associated with the classes in the second MOD of the semester will be refunded.
  • If a student withdraws after the census period but before the start of the second MOD of the semester, the tuition associated with the courses in the second MOD of the semester will be fully refunded.
  • If a student withdraws after the start of the second MOD, but before the end of the second MOD census period, 90% of the tuition associated with the classes from the second MOD of the semester will be refunded.
  • If a student withdraws after the census period for the second MOD of the semester, no tuition will be refunded for that semester.

*Semester (payment period) is two 8-week Modules. The semester schedule is based upon the start date of the student.
** Census period is the first 10 calendar days of each MOD.

The amount of tuition and fees owed to the University and charges for equipment are subtracted from the amount a student paid for tuition and fees. If the amount owed is more than the amount paid to the student’s account, the student must make arrangements to pay the University the outstanding balance. Student balances that remain outstanding for a period of 90 days without payment will be forwarded to an agency for collection.  Additional fees will apply and this further attempt to collect the outstanding debt will adversely affect a student’s permanent credit history.

If the amount paid for institutional charges is more than the amount owed, a refund will be made available to the student within 45 days of the last day of attendance.


Students may be eligible for most forms of financial aid when enrolled in 6.0 or more credits per semester. Students enrolled in 5.5 credits or less may be eligible to receive Pell Grant but are not eligible to receive federal student loans.

The student who drops all of his or her classes for the semester is considered to be withdrawn even though the student intends to resume classes at a later date.

Beal University follows the requirements of the U.S. Department of Education for Title IV refunds calculations. Refunds are processed within 45 days of the date of determination of the student's withdrawal.

If the student receives (or the University receives on the student’s behalf) more federal financial aid than the student has earned, the unearned funds must be returned to the applicable grant and/or loan program.

Return of Unearned Title IV Funds

After a return of unearned federal aid has been calculated, the portion of aid to be returned to federal programs is distributed in the following order:

  1. Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
  2. Federal Subsidized Stafford Loan
  3. Federal PLUS Loan
  4. Federal Pell Grant
  5. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

After a return of unearned federal aid has been calculated and returned as listed above, the portion of aid to be returned to other funding programs is distributed in the following order:

  1. Third party funding (VA, VOC Rehab, EMDC, etc...)
  2. The student

The percentage of earned Title IV aid may include disbursed and not disbursed funding for which students were eligible prior to the withdrawal from the University. If withdrawing students are determined to have been eligible for and earned more aid than was actually disbursed before the official withdrawal date, the University will disburse the funds in accordance with federal regulations.

Title IV Post Withdrawal Disbursements

Earned Title IV funding that has not been disbursed may be applied to outstanding institutional charges.

If a student is eligible for a post-withdrawal disbursement of Pell Grant and SEOG, the grant money will be disbursed directly to the student’s account at the University within forty-five (45) days of the student’s withdrawal or graduation date.

If a student is eligible for a disbursement of loan funds (different from Pell Grant), the University will send the student a written notice within thirty (30) days of the student’s withdrawal or graduation date indicating the type and amount of the eligible disbursement. If the student would like the post-withdrawal disbursement applied to their account, they must give the University a written approval within fourteen (14) days of the notice. Once the student has given their approval the eligible loan funds will be disbursed to the account. After outstanding institutional charges are paid and if excess funds remain, the excess funds will be provided to the student within fourteen (14) days of the credit balance occurring on the student’s account.


Any course needing to be repeated due to failure, withdrawal, or unsatisfactory academic performance as required by the program will cause additional tuition charges upon registration for the retake. The student accounts office can help the student plan for these expenses.


A student who does not intend to enroll for an upcoming Mod but intends to return in a future semester must complete a Leave of Absence Form prior to the start of the semester of the intended leave.  Approved leaves of absence must be requested in writing and may not exceed 180 days in a calendar year. Please note that a leave of absence (approved or unapproved) may delay a student’s expected graduation date.


A student who fails to maintain satisfactory progress, violates safety regulations, interferes with other students’ work, is disruptive, obscene, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or does not make timely tuition payments, is subject to immediate termination.


To be eligible for graduation, students must:

  1. Complete a Degree Audit. (emailed from Student Services)
  2. Complete all required courses in Certificate, Diploma, Associate or Bachelor degree programs with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 2.0 or better.
    • Students completing the Associate Degree Nursing and Bachelors Degree in Nursing program must have a 2.50 Cumulative Grade Point Average or better.
    • Students in a Master's level program are required to have a 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average.
  3. Ensure all accounts are paid in full including tuition, textbooks, and all fees. All library books and other Beal University materials must be returned.


The University’s educational programs lead to knowledge and skills for a stated major. The University does not guarantee that completion of the educational programs will necessarily be sufficient to obtain a certification or a license issued by a public or private agency. A third party may administer examinations for certifications and licenses and further study and a fee may be required.


Career success will depend mainly on the student’s attitude, the effort put into studies, the diligence of the job search, and the job finally accepted. Therefore, we do not and cannot guarantee students a job. Our employees are prohibited from making any representations or any promises in regard to placement.


If the University discontinues instruction in any program after students enter training, including circumstances where the University changes its location, students must be notified in writing of such events and are entitled to a pro-rata refund of all tuition and fees paid unless comparable training is arranged for by the University and agreed upon, in writing, by the student.  A written request for such a refund must be made within 90 days from the date the program was discontinued or relocated and the refund must be paid within 30 days after receipt of such a request.


The University reserves the right to cancel a starting class if the number of students enrolling is insufficient.  Such a cancellation will be considered a rejection by the University and will entitle the student to a full refund of all money paid.


All full time students who are enrolled in residential (on campus) courses will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance. Students in fully online courses do not qualify for student insurance. Students who wish to have the expense removed may do so by completing the online waiver form. Please see current insurance brochure for details.


The transferability of credits earned at Beal University is at the complete discretion of an institution to which a student may seek to transfer. Acceptance of the degree, diploma, or certificate earned in a program of study is also at the complete discretion of the institution to which a student may seek to transfer. If the credits or degree, diploma, or certificate earned at the University are not accepted at the institution to which a student seeks to transfer, the student may be required to repeat some or all of the coursework at that institution. For this reason a student should make certain that attendance at Beal University will meet his or her educational goals. This may include contacting an institution to which a student may seek to transfer after attending Beal University to determine if the credits or degree, diploma or certificate will transfer. 


It is an unfair business practice for the University to sell, discount, or otherwise transfer this contract or promissory note without the signed written consent of the student or student’s parent or guardian if the student is a minor and a written statement notifying all parties that the cancellation and refund policy continues to apply.


Any changes in the agreement will not be binding on either the student or the University unless such changes are acknowledged in writing by an authorized representative of the University and by the student or the student’s parent or guardian if the student is a minor.


If any paragraph or sub-paragraph is held invalid, the paragraph shall not affect any other paragraph or sub-paragraph that can have effect without the paragraph or sub-paragraph and thus is separate one from the other.

Note: Any holder of a consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses, which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods or services, obtained pursuant hereto or with the proceeds hereof. Recovery hereunder by the debtor shall not exceed amounts paid by the debtor (FTC Rule effective 5/14/1976).


Students with a grievance should first discuss it with the appropriate faculty member, Dean and/or Student Services. If the grievance remains unresolved, students may appeal to the Chief Operating Officer who may forward the issue to the Academic Advisory Committee to review the matter and to make a recommendation. A copy of the procedures is available upon request. After exhausting the above remedies, students may make a final appeal to the State of Maine, Department of Education, 23 State House Station, Augusta, ME  04333 (PH:  207-624-6000) or the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, 2101 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 302, Arlington, VA  22201 (Ph: 703-247-4212).


Please note: The Maine State Board of Nursing may refuse to grant a license to graduates of any Nursing program on the basis of criminal history record information relating to convictions denominated in Title 5, Chapter 341, sub-section 5301 of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated.


This agreement will be binding only when it has been fully completed, signed, and dated by the student and authorized representative of the University prior to the time instruction begins.


Do not sign this agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces.  This is a legal instrument.  All pages of the contract are binding.

You are entitled to an exact copy of the agreement, University catalog, and any other papers you sign.  You are required to sign a statement acknowledging receipt of those.

If you have not started training, you may cancel this contract by providing written notice of such cancellation to the University at its address shown on the contract.  The notice must be postmarked no later than midnight of the third business day (excluding Sundays and holidays) following your signing this contract or the written notice may be hand delivered to the University within that time.  In event of dispute over timely notice, the burden to prove service rests on the applicant.


The University will not be liable in cases where the University is unable to fulfill any services because of fire, natural disaster, national emergency, pandemic, act of government, acts of war or terrorism, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labor disputes or any other reasons which are beyond the University's control.


I certify I have read and understand the cancellation and refund policy and the complaint procedure.  I have reviewed a copy of the University catalog or brochure; and I am entitled to an exact copy of this Enrollment Agreement, University catalog, and any paper I sign. I hereby agree to abide the conditions set forth herein.

Student’s initials

I certify that I have reviewed this Enrollment Agreement and the disclosures and conditions of enrollment. I understand my rights and responsibilities. I will re-read these documents before the end of the 3-day termination period specified herein. This agreement contains all of the terms of our agreement. I understand that written or oral changes to this Enrollment Agreement and/or promises or guarantees or inducements to enroll outside of this agreement are not permitted and I certify to the University that none have been made.


Applicant Signature:


Parent(s) Guardian(s) Signature:


University Official Signature:


University Official Printed Name & Title:





Since most employers conduct background checks prior to hiring, it is important to make our prospective students aware that many career fields may prohibit or discourage hiring individuals with a history of criminal background.  It is important to provide full disclosure of past criminal history (misdemeanors and/or felonies) to your Admissions Representative prior to enrolling in the University.  Failure to disclose this history may affect externship and/or employment opportunities upon completion of your program. 

The University will not deny enrollment to any prospective student on the basis of a felony or misdemeanor criminal history except in the case for enrollment into a program requiring state licensure.  Only the state licensure requirements for Maine were researched.  The University recommends that all potential employability questions are discussed with the campus Career Services Department.

Any of the programs may be subject to background checks, for an externship and/or employment in field, and a prospective student with any felony and/or drug or monetary theft related misdemeanor offenses should be aware.

Prospective students enrolling in the folowing programs must successfully pass a background check prior to the beginning of the program's clinicals:

  • Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Associate Degree in Medical Assistant
  • Diploma in Medical Assisting

NOTE: If conditions for enrolling into the above program have not been met per restrictions outlined above, do NOT complete an enrollment agreement or proceed with this form.

Please check one of the following prior to enrolling and sign below:



OFFENSE (Provide detail explanation of offense)



Prospective Student Signature 




University Officials Signature





Leave this empty:

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