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Are you a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident of Canada?

Do you identify as an Indigenous person?


If yes, do you identify with any of the identities provided below?

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Notes and Conditions:
    • The Indigenous Student Bursary is a 25% tuition bursary. Students receiving this bursary will be responsible for remaining tuition fees and other non-tuition fees as required.
    • This bursary is only available to Indigenous identifying students.
    • To be eligible for this bursary students must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
    • This bursary cannot be received in conjunction with any other bursaries offered by Yorkville University.
    • Beal University Canada requires one of the following documents as proof of Indigenous ancestry:
    • Indian Status card from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
    • Métis membership/citizenship from one of the following: Métis National Council Métis Nation of Ontario, Manitoba Métis Federation, Métis Nation Saskatchewan, Métis Nation of Alberta, one      of the Métis Settlements of Alberta, Métis Nation British Columbia, Northwest Territory Métis Nation
    • Nunavut Trust Certificate card or Inuit roll number
    • Written confirmation from a Band Council Membership or Department of Indian Affairs
    • Membership card indicating they are non-status who are currently in a court case
    • Written confirmation of membership from a Band Council that has its own membership code
    • Written confirmation of ancestry from the Department of Indian Affairs
    • Parent/Grandparent Indian Status card & long-form birth certificate or baptismal certificate
    • American Indian, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian citizenship document from tribes that are state or federally recognized
    • Other acceptable documentation


Please speak with your admissions advisor if any of the above documentation cannot be provided.
Please submit your application and supporting documentation to

By sending this form I am applying for the above-mentioned bursary.


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